R-Cockpit was designed to fillful some important factors:

- stability and resistance
- ergonomic sitting during the time of ride
- positionality of detached components
- ability to perfectly substitute pc workplace
- disassembility
- design
- affordable price

R-Cocpkit is made of steel pipes coated with black ABS resin and metal joints in black, in combination with black polished MDF plates. Variability of used system gives possibility to add different existing elements to the basic model and in the same time it offers some special solutions made exactly according to the special demands of the customer.

It is possible to provide the carseat from our offer, or to use any other carseat.

Attributes of construction:
- setting of position, height and angle of every element separately
 (seat, pedals, table, equipment)
- upgradability with different components
 (holder for keyboard, holder for gear stick, cable channel, holder for gamepad, ...)
- basic size 1650 x 550 x 650 mm
- carrying capacity max. 150 kg
- weight without seat approx. 30 kg
- provided partly assembled (takes 4 hours approx. to assemble)

R-cocpit was designed with the help of real raciing drivers as well as virtual simracing.cz drivers.

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