Simple and cheap car seat, made of pipe construction covered by microfiber in black colour.
The car seat is adjustable in length with the help of the rails.
The angle of the seat is fixed, but the construction of R-cockpit enables the angle of the whole seat to be changed.
This seat is not appropriate for people of bigger stature.
Holder for Keyboard


Rotating keyboard holder to allow for easy entry, exit and gaming when the keyboard is not required. It is possible to rotate it the way, to have keyboard comfortable over the knees. In the time of the ride you can move the keyboard to the side not to disturb, with simple turning of holder.
Holder for gear stick
The holder is convenient for attaching the Logitech G25 wheel with gearstick.
It is also possible to offer alternative gear stick holders on demand.
The holder can be placed on either right or left hand side.
Cable channel Transport wheels
All the cables and adaptors can be tidied up in the cable channel. The wheel enables easy manoeuvrability of the frame. Transport wheels are included in price.

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